Who We Are!

Aristo Watches is an online shopping company specializes in selling Rolex Pre-owned watches and we customize luxury watches for our customers.

The primary focus of our company has always been selling meticulously restored & like-new condition Certified Preowned watches.

We are always acquiring preowned watches , so check our website frequently, and get updates of our rolex watches collections. If you have an item that you are interested in buying, we can help you get your piece.

Our Mission

We have big plans and this is just the beginning.  and it’s about to get even more fun. We believe that the modern watch represents more than just a functional mechanism to tell time.
The watch is a unique form of art, design and personal expression. We’ve had a long-standing mission of providing unique and affordable Rolex preowned timepieces to adventurous enthusiasts as yourself.
we plan to stay true to our core mission, while taking AristoWatches.com to new heights. “In an age when growing numbers of people tend to look dangerously alike, a watch’s capacity to suspend, even for a moment, our habitual ways of presenting ourselves may well prove to be one of its greatest benefits.”